If your life were a song…


Did anyone watch the Grammy’s on Sunday?  If you didn’t then certainly you’ve seen some coverage of the show the past few days either online, on television or in print.  It is a big deal.  So, my question to you is, “If your life were a song, what would be?”  I mean, would your life story best be told through country, rock-n-roll, a concerto, blues, rap, heavy metal or easy listening?

I suppose at times our lives could fit into any of these categories but if you really thought about it which artist could win a Grammy for singing your song?  Do you like the thought of which genre fits you best?  If not, how can art move your life to imitate it? If so, then great for you, your life is imitating the art that appeals to you.

Something to think  about isn’t?  The good news is there is an entire year before the next Grammy nominations.  Take the time to get your music in order and song to the beat you like best!



  1. Hello, I log on to your blog like every week. Your writing style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

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