Inspiration Comes When You Least Expect It

When do you get your best ideas? For me, it is when I am exercising, as I am trying to fall asleep or alone in my car. None of which are the most convenient for documenting them. Years ago, I would leave myself voicemails with ideas I had. Of course now (like everyone else) I am seldom without my iPhone so a quick note is always easy just so I don’t forget. So as I said earlier, my wheels started spinning about six years ago with the idea of helping people relocate. I wanted to help people move for love, not just because an employer asked them to relocate. So as I was driving home from the office over a year ago on a cold, dark, December night, all of ideas I’ve had around moving and relocating came together with the notion of Whatever the motivation for moving I wanted to help make it happen. On that cold winter night I cannot lie, I was seeing myself as the first candidate to pick up and move south! Needless to say, I am not moving. I feel lucky that my personal passions are being fulfilled right here with my family, work, and current goals. Certainly the future is hard to predict so I cannot speak to it. I hope if your present isn’t fulfilling or if you could be more fulfilled somewhere else, please let us help you Move For Love.



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