Is Education Timeless?

Education is on my mind of late.   I seem to be surrounded by it this week between conferences for my children,  a school board meeting, a visit and meeting at my alma mater, Miami University, and yesterday being election day with school levies on ballots across the country.  Lest I think I am exempt as a student,  I should throw in that I took both an in-class continuing education course on Fair Housing in Real Estate as well as an online continuing education class on becoming a “green” Realtor within the past week.   I have learned a lot in a short period of time this week.  During my life,  I certainly have gained an appreciation and understanding that as we age we are always either in a state of educating or being educated.  If we are truthful we will acknowledge that we learn from people of all ages and walks of life.

Recognizing which role you are playing isn’t always easy to decipher.  Have you ever entered a situation where you think you are going to help someone, maybe “enlighten” them on how to do something or say something and by the time the conversation is over you realize that you are not the only one walking away with a new idea or approach?  At what age does this realization occur?  If you can recall your preteen years or if you are living with a preteen or teenager now you realize that there is nothing you could possibly teach them.  Is it in our twenties, thirties or beyond when we wake up and realize that learning is never boring, that we can teach and be taught at the same time?  Maybe you’ve never stopped to identify when this tipping point happened to you.   I am not sure that I can pinpoint the event or time that it happened to me but I can tell you that my experiences and conversations this week have reinforced the fact that I am always learning and that the gift of an education sometimes comes in unexpected ways we just need to be open to receiving it.

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