Is it Really a Small, Small World?

Do you have any single friends, family or co-workers who complain about not being able to meet anyone? Or that they know all of the single people in their community and are not interested? I hear this from many people and I think quite honestly they are right. If they have an established group of friends and none of them are eligible are they just supposed go out alone looking for a whole new group of friends? Of course not, but you can see how it becomes a vicious cycle of wanting to meet new people but not sacrifice hanging out with your friends. Enter, online dating. I’ve read all sorts of statistics that say 1 in 6 or sometimes 8 marriages originated from online relationships. Well, I’d like to focus on a case study of 1. It tends to yield the results you are looking for. I was born and raised in Cincinnati and married someone that I went to high school with and knew since childhood. That may be boring for some of you but it certainly works for us. My sister, also born and raised and living in Cincinnati was until recently still seeking Mr. Right. She has a great group of friends and an active social life but finding other single people was hard when her friends were inviting her dinner and kids birthday parties. Feeling like there were “no” single people to meet she went online. Guess what… she met someone who at the time had just recently relocated to town with his job and he knew only co-workers. Fast forward a year and they are planning a December wedding. It doesn’t get any closer to home than that. You have to love validation of ideas! Boy moves for love (gainful employment), finds love (girl of his dreams), and they will eventually sell her house and buy “their” house! While strangers inspired this service my very own sister validated it! Best wishes to them both!

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