Is the landline dead?

LandlineI suppose if you are asking yourself what is landline? Then I’ve answered my question.  Nonetheless, I am going to proceed with my strong conviction that the telephone is a powerful tool whether it is tethered to a wall, held to your ear, or dialed up on your computer.   Short of face to face interaction nothing is better than a conversation for really getting your message, your tone and your emotions through more directly.  Think about all of the ways we can communicate today, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linked In, email, texting, the USPS and lest I show my age I’ll add Snapchat and Instagram and whatever other ways that haven’t hit my world yet.  The options are endless.  Which are the most effective for you?

I am in sales and I am also in a position where people often try to sell to me.  I don’t really know a better barometer than a phone call to know where you stand either as the seller or the potential buyer.  I also wonder about etiquette.  I mean where would Emily Post stand on the topic of asking for a sale via email when no previous relationship has been established?  I can tell you where I stand.  It is odd to me to think that I would reply, yes, sold, send me the bill and never discuss it.  Before you think I am not a user or believer in utilizing technology let me tell you that I most certainly am.  I think we can use all of the above mentioned tools and media to get to know our audience better and really understand how best to communicate with them.  “Like” them, “Friend” them, “LinkedIn” with them, and whatever else and you better believe that becomes a warm call not a cold call you will make for the first time.  Just don’t hide behind these methods or rely solely on them and assume you have a relationship with the person.

I challenge you to pick up the phone and call instead of using any other method for one week and at the end of the week reflect back and see if you don’t feel more connected to those very people.  If you really want to make an impression, follow-up one of your calls with a hand written note.   The results may surprise you and most certainly will set you apart from others.  Sometimes, what is old is best or at least what is new complements what is best but doesn’t replace it.

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