Let’s Talk


First admission…. I am a talker.  Second admission…. Silence can make me uncomfortable.  There are times when I walk in the office and while there are many people here typing away there are times when it is eerily quiet.  I understand that there are times when we need things in writing, especially in our litigious society but certainly not all of the time.  I am commonly know to make announcements to pick up the phone and call someone.. anyone.  Like most of you, there is no greater feeling than validation.  Last week the Wall Street Journal published an article, Bosses Say “Pick Up the Phone” and I loved it!

Almost everything we do in our housing related business involves relationships.   As a matter of fact, most businesses are built, maintained and grown through relationships.  Relationships develop through communication, verbal as well as non-verbal. While I am a proponent of quick email messages, quicker text messages, fast peeks on social media,  I stand firm that absolutely nothing replaces a good conversation face to face or even on the telephone.  Tone of voice and emotion are so insightful and help guide the conversation in so many ways.

If you are looking for someone to talk with about the idea of moving for whatever reasons you may have please give us a call, (866)437-9701 and let’s see what we cannot do to make it happen for you.

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