Living and Living Well


Country Music CityThis past weekend,  the 49th Academy of Country Music Awards took place.   My daughter and I watched since I love country music and now there is so much cross over between country and top 40 hits that she too enjoys some of it.  George Strait was awarded Entertainer of the Year.  I really like his music and one song in particular is very well aligned with Moving For Love, “Living and Living Well“.  If you haven’t heard it then I highly recommend you listen to the song.  The message is simple like most country songs but the refrain goes like this, “There’s a difference in living and living well, you can’t have it all, all by yourself, something’s always missing, ’til you share it with someone else, there’s a difference in living and living well.”

When we expanded our services beyond corporate relocation we did it to help serve the market of individuals seeking help in moving to closer to a person, place or lifestyle they desired.  It has been very rewarding to help the bridge the gap in the words of George Strait from living to living well.

If you are ready to make that leap call us and let us help it become a reality.


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