Living Without Regrets

If there’s one universal truth it’s this: don’t change your answer on multiple choice tests. Sadly, this is terrible advice. In 33 studies looking at this question (yes, scientists thought this problem was worth studying 33 times), not a single study found that your score would get worse if you changed your answer. In most cases, your test score improved! So why do we live in fear of changing our answers on multiple choice tests? Well there are several reasons, but the biggest is our fear of regret. We don’t change our answers, because we hate the idea of switching from a right answer to a wrong answer. Unfortunately, this is how we sometimes live our lives. We make a choice about what career to have, where to live, or even who to love – and we’re afraid of making a change “just in case” what we’re living in is the “right” choice. What that means for many is a life filled with broken promises, missed chances, and regret. Moving for a dream isn’t for everyone. But for someone who’s willing to change their answer, it can be everything.

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