Long Distance Dating – Meeting in the Middle

couple jumping in fieldMore and more people are meeting the loves of their lives online! The Internet has made it easy to start a long-distance relationship. With a world of people out there, it’s not too hard to find someone to meet.

In fact, that’s how I met my wife! I was working for a power company in Texas, and she was working for the Nevada government. We did the online chatting \ phone thing for awhile, but of course, eventually any long-distance relationship is going to need personal contact. After a couple meetings, we knew it was right, and we relocated together to start a new life in Florida.

Sure, that’s not exactly “meeting in the middle,” but it’s a great solution to two of the biggest problems of long-distance dating: Being sure that you’ve met the right person, and deciding who has to “give up” their life.

How Long Distance Relationships Can Benefit From Relocation

Meeting halfway can actually solve two problems at once. First, if you’ve never met before, it means you can pick a “safe” place away from your homes. After all, while unpleasantries are rare, we never really know who we’re meeting online until we see them face-to-face.

So, you can pick a destination midway between your locations and have a meetup! If things go great, then you’re all set to move down the road your heart has set. Plus, you get a little vacation out of it, if you travel on a weekend.

That’s what my wife and I did the first time – we met at a lodge in Colorado and had a great time. That was when we knew it was time to take the next step, and start planning a move together.

Moving to a New City in the Middle 

There are few things more intimidating than the prospect of relocation to a new city – so why not face it together? It gives you a chance to start fresh with your new lives together, away from whatever baggage was holding you down.

Moving to a new town means:

  • No one has a “home field” advantage, no feeling like you’re the fifth wheel in an established group of friends.
  • Bonding experiences, as you explore your new home together.
  • Being able to be who you want to be and find the new friends you want.
  • An opportunity to work together or seek out new employment opportunities, with your new partner at your side.
  • A chance to truly begin again and get away from your old life.

Moving into a new city is a huge and exhilarating experience. Nothing quite compares to arriving there with your new love and knowing this is going to be your home together. This is where you now get to explore looking for new restaurants, attractions, and excitement. This is going to be your city, together.

And, if you need any help with your move, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ve got 35 years of experience in the relocation of businesses, and now we’re bringing that trained expertise to help couples around the nation come together in love.

Join the move when you’re ready to take the next step for happiness!

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