Make it a Great Day!

LeafA few weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to a friend of mine address a fairly large audience.  While there were many messages he delivered one stood out to me.  How many times do we rather flippantly say, “Have a great day?” I would venture to guess you do it way more than you’d imagine.  The problem with this statement is that it infers a choice or even hints that there may be some chance involved with the outcome of your day.  To be honest, until this time I hadn’t really thought much about the saying short of the fact it is a universal salutation for many of my emails or conversations.

Now my wheels were spinning….

His suggestion was that we should be saying, “Make it a great day!”  The power of words always amazes me.  If you look someone in the eye and tell them to make it happen there is a sense of responsibility and empowerment.  We are in control of our lives and even on the days when we feel like the universe is taking over it really isn’t.  If you want, have a good day then make it a good day.  What is within your power to change but you don’t have current control over?  If we all did some self-reflection we surely would find things in our life that we would like to change and then realize that the only reason they haven’t changed is…us!  As the seasons begin to change and we are once again reminded of the power of mother nature and the control she yields why not also remind ourselves of what is in our control and make any adjustments in our life that will make us who we want to be?


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