Candles1-150x150[1]This has been a busy year for me since I officially entered a new decade of my life in February.  Why am I sharing this now?  Well yesterday I found a great question posed on Facebook “How old would you be if you didn’t know your age?”  I liked the question so I jotted it down on a piece of paper.  This morning as I was driving home from early morning yoga at 7:00am I called my “younger” friend to welcome her to the club since today was her birthday.  As I sit at my desk pondering yesterday’s question, thinking about my conversation with Tricia, thinking about my kids finishing the school year I realize that for me age is state of mind not a tracking system.  The minute you begin thinking of age in terms of milestones you are in countdown mode and not focused on the present.  Last week, my husband I took lunch to his 86 year old grandmother who was in a rehab facility recovering from hip replacement.  She is the most spry woman I know between playing bridge, walking, swimming and sunning (one of her favorite activities).  I asked her if she had met some nice people there and she looked at me and said, “I am not here to make friends, I want to get better and out of here.”  Well spoken!  That is woman who is living in the present, knows what she wants and most certainly would tell you her physical age and chronological age do not match.  If you are thinking of a way to “get out” or relocate somewhere new the time is now, the perfect present.

So my conclusion is… when we are focused on the present it is impossible not to draw from the experience of the past nor the uncertainty of the future.  Our age therefore can float based on the day and the decisions we are making, some days we may be “older” than our age and some days  we are much younger than our age.  The key is accept and balance how we act at the right time.

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