Most Environmentally Friendly Cities in the US

RelocatingSome of us relocate for love … and that love can extend to the love of the Earth. If your relocation plans include a focus on sustainability and eco-awareness, you can find environmentally friendly cities in every corner of the US.

Rankings and criteria vary for the title of “most environmentally friendly,” but one city tops every chart, and several others consistently make the best-of lists.

The greenest city we know … Portland, OR

Ok, so Portlandia tweaks the city’s hip, artesian reputation. But there’s no arguing the features that got Portland hailed as the greenest city in the US. There, “Every day feels like Earth Day,” says Travel & Leisure. About a quarter of the residents commute by bike, carpool or public transportation, the town boasts 175 LEED buildings, the highest number per capita of any US city, and Portland uses 33% renewable energy (compared to just 13% average nationwide).

In fact, the Pacific Northwest as a whole is quite the green-leaning region. San Francisco (the first city to ban plastic grocery bags) and Seattle (tops in “green” buildings) are highly ranked in most surveys.

Other eco-friendly cities

New York City. What? Crowded, noisy, taxi-honking New York City? Yes, Manhattan and its environs does make the lists as an environmentally aware city. In a Popular Science survey, NYC beat Ann Arbor and Anchorage for top marks in public transportation use, and the city is also making waves in green electricity, harnessing the tides of the East River to power underwater turbines.

Savannah. Romantic Savannah, Georgia, tops Travel & Leisure’s list for parks and walkable streets. But the city leaders want to take it a step further. “Savannah wants to be the greenest city in the state of Georgia,” said a leader of the Savannah International Clean Energy Conference. The message is going out straight to the people: reduce, reuse, recycle.


  1. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop ♥

  2. We’ve been living near Portland, Oregon for almost a year now (from Colorado) and have to agree with the “green” moniker. It’s great. There are so many local restaurants and local shops and bicyclists and rain and fresh air. Eugene, Oregon is even more so – like Portland on steroids – if the steroids were organic!!

    • Robin Sheakley says:

      What a fabulous place you get to call home for so many reasons, the beauty, the artistry, the restaurants and let’s not forget the beer (great microbrews). Oregon is certainly a dream place to live. Oh and by the way …. Go Ducks!

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