Mother’s and Daughters

WordItOut-word-cloud-550352When I count my blessings in life, at the top of list is my relationship with my mom.  Not everyone can say the same but most certainly Claudia, our star Personal Move Assistant here at Moving For Love most certainly can.  While this past weekend was a sad one for her as her mother passed away this week will be a celebratory one for a life well lived and a bond well feed.  For the past four years mother has become daughter and daughter has become mother as Claudia has been vigilantly by her mothers side taking her to countless appointments and treatments managing both she and her mother’s calendar with an ease and grace I haven’t seen since my own mother did the same for my grandmother 11 years ago this month.  The example that these two very important women have taught me is one that we cannot be told enough, “be present” with the ones you love.  If they are suffering or in need then that is your priority.  It isn’t a juggling act,  it is center stage.  There is validity to life being a three ring circus but equally important is keeping the spotlight focused on one ring at a time.

I hope your spotlight is focused on whatever act is center stage for you today and that you are fully present for it.  When we talk about Moving For Love one of the first requests we hear is a desire to be closer to family.   We would love to help any of you accomplish this so that you too can be present.



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