Moving For a Wellness Center

Sometimes when we think of moving for love, we think of big adventures. Great distances. Or long journeys. But moving for love doesn’t have to be this giant cross country or trans-Atlantic adventure. Sometimes it’s just moving down the road to pursue a new dream. That’s where musician John “JB” Bell and his wife (Laura) found themselves. It was her dream to open a wellness center. But they didn’t want to move a thousand miles away to do it. Especially with Bell being on the road for much of the year. After a lot of talking they decided the time was right to buy a new house. What kind of house do you buy if you want to open a wellness center? Well, the Bell’s ended up buying (and renovating) a 4,000 square foot (but one bedroom!) house. So often we put up barriers to our dreams. Barriers that aren’t actually real. Instead they are the barriers we use to tell ourselves, “well I can’t do that now because of…. the kids … the job…the economy…. the weather…” But if we look, we often see that our dreams can still come true. We can still follow the things that we love. It just might take a little more creativity and inspiration, but the dreams are still there. That’s where the Bell’s were. They decided that if they wanted to pursue their dreams of music and a wellness center, they needed to make a few changes. So they packed up their things and moved for the love of a dream.
What inspires you to move for love?

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