Moving For Hospitals

It’s funny how your priorities change over your life. When I was younger one of my biggest goals was simply to move away from my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great family. But I also like my independence. So I was looking forward to moving away form college. From there, I chose my next city based on graduate school. And I decided to stay in that town because of a job. Each time I moved, I had a different priority. Now, I find my priorities have shifted once again. I’ve become the proud parent of a special little boy. Unfortunately it’s been a trying issue for the first 16 months of his life, with a long list of medical issues. The good news is that he’ll be fine in a few years. But for the first 4 years of his life, it means a lot of visits to doctors, specialists, and hospitals.

And that’s where my priorities have changed. We’ve spent many hours at the hospital, my wife and I have struck up conversations with parents going through the same issues. What has surprised us is how far parents have been willing to drive their children to see a specialist. Many parents, who see the same doctors we do, have traveled a dozen hours or more by car just to see a doctor that’s 15 minutes away from us. Of course if our situations were reversed we’d be doing the driving in a heartbeat. But living so close to a hospital and a doctor you can trust is hard to place a value on. As I said, priorities change. I’ve moved because of college. I even moved once because of a girl. But now I realize that I’m not going to move because of a hospital. Until two years ago that wouldn’t’ have even occurred to me that it should be a priority.

Like many other parents, my wife and I would do anything for our kids. Fortunately, for right now, that means appreciating exactly what Cincinnati has to offer!

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