Moving for Love ~ Sitcom Style


Perhaps I am showing my age but growing up I loved watching Green Acres (Vide0).  What a funny show.  Eva Gabor was the original woman who chose to move for love.  Heels and pearls bye-bye!  She was an entertaining inspiration to many people.  The things we are willing to do for love and the sacrifices we will make to be with the ones we love.  Granted, this was a television show meant to draw an audience and entertain and it succeeded.   Having said that, how many times have you thought to yourself my life or my current situation could easily be a sitcom?  We laugh at Modern Family today because we can usually relate in some way to what they are portraying.   Both Gabor and Sophia Vergara make us laugh at their romantic comedy.

Love can and should be fun.  If you are considering trading your pearls for a pitchfork or perhaps the pitchfork for pearls let us help make it a great experience.



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