Moving for the Love of a New Life

It’s no secret that Baby Boomers are starting to hit the retirement age. While many are choosing to continue on with their careers, others are deciding to make radical changes to their lifestyle. And it’s not just because they are hitting the golf courses or spending more time with the grandkids. Instead, many of them are starting to take major risks to pursue their dreams.

Recently Forbes profiled a couple who sold their cattle ranch in Texas to move to a small nature preserve in New Mexico. Their idea was to create an off-the-grid retreat for people who wanted to experience nature, watch mountain lions, or gaze into the endless starry night. You have to admit, that does sound like an appealing way to retire!

Obviously moving “off-grid” isn’t for everyone. But that’s not really what is exciting about this story. What matters is that retirement doesn’t have to be a way to slowly fade into the night. Instead it can be an opportunity to live out dreams. Dreams that you may have put on hold during other parts of your life.

Retirement doesn’t have to be “more of the same.” It probably shouldn’t. Instead, retirement can be about finding new inspiration. About exploring the path left untaken.

But what is clear, more and more people are taking retirement as a chance to move on and seek out new challenges and adventures. And that’s an adventure in itself.

So what dreams do you have that you’d like to make happen one day?

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