Moving For The Love of Family (and babysitters)

Family YoungLife has a funny way of coming full circle. We spend so much of our time during the first part of our life trying to get away from our parents. (Sorry Mom and Dad!) We throw temper tantrums as kids. We rebel as teenagers. And then we often let our careers take us around the world.

Soon life finds us pursuing our dreams. Or perhaps we’re busy climbing the corporate ladder. (Sometimes, both of those things are true at the same time!) Whatever the reason, in the end, we often find ourselves away from our family. But that’s when it happens. At least to a lot of us. We get married. Have kids. Start a family. And before we know it – we’re suddenly looking around for babysitters, and family doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to have nearby.

Sure you can move around the country (or world). But if there is no one to watch your kids or give you a break, it’s not like you can see any of it!

Perhaps it’s just the stage of life I am in, but I’m noticing more people moving back home. No, not moving into the basement with Mom and Dad, but moving back to where they grew up. Or inviting the parents to come live near them. There is value in having family nearby – besides just for babysitting. And that’s definitely a reason to move for love so, let us know how we can help get you back home.

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