Never Too Old to Start Something New


Last week I attended the Real Trends, Gathering of Eagles Conference in Dallas, Texas.  This conference caters to the real estate industry and this years theme was Legendary Leadership.  The keynote speaker for the opening night was President George W. Bush.  It was incredible to hear him speak.  The setting was casual and Steve Murray did an excellent job interviewing him in a very conversational way.  Mr. Bush share with us that one of the most difficult transitions from life as the President to life after was the pace.  We can imagine how hectic, programmed and scripted life in the White House must be and after eight years to wake up without “today’s agenda” was a challenge for him.  Certainly, many people who retire have shared this feeling but the difference in before/after pace is incomparable.  So what did he do to fill his time?  He started painting.  Having an interest but no past experience he tackled it head on and never looked back.  He paints all of the time and has painted almost every notable world leader he met during his presidency.  Listening to him talk about this new found passion and outlet of expression was inspiring.

The next night we actually visited his library and saw many of his paintings.  It was incredible.  The history, the building, the memorabilia were unbelievable.  A few hours is not enough time to read and see it all.  After listening to him speak about painting I hadn’t really expected to be as impressed as I was.  This man didn’t pick up a paintbrush until just a few years ago and yet here were paintings of so many world leaders, so well done and so reflective of his view of them.  If you were not aware who any of them were you certainly got a sense of the impression they made on President Bush through their portraits.   I was most impressed by his talent.  Not many people pick up new hobbies in their sixties and then display them for the world to see and critique.  If you are in Dallas I would highly recommend a visit to his library and certainly his gallery of artwork.

Having said that, is there a small flame of interest to try something new when you have the time?  It is never to early to fan those flames and see where they may lead you.  Sometimes we need to wait for the door to open or the pace to slow down and sometimes we need to barge right through the door.  Whatever or style or desire you don’t need to it alone.  George W. Bush relied on a teacher to help get started and you can rely on us, your personal move coordinators to help get you Moving For Love of something new.

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