New Construction

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat do you think of when I say, “new construction”?  Do you think of housing, businesses or retail?  Perhaps you think of all three.   In our city, we are seeing it all, revitalization of old property, commercial and residential development at a fast and furious pace.  We are seeing so much that I think this holiday season instead of visions of sugar plum fairies I am having visions of hammers, nails, sawdust and a whirlwind of activity.  This may be the greatest gift of all for our economy.  With so much pent up demand for new housing, new offices, new restaurants and new retail it is hard not to be optimistic and hopeful that the American spirit is alive and well and that people see and seek opportunity.  As you drive down the street this holiday season take note of what is going on, going up or coming down in your city.  Is there a buzz of anticipation and how does it make you feel?  Not getting that feeling?  Well that’s where Moving For Love can help you.   Share what visions you have and we will help determine the best place for you to make it happen.



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