Oh So True!

dayOut of the mouths of babes… Last night as the post-Christmas let down began my nine year old uttered these words, “I don’t like how fast this year has gone.” How do you respond to that when the truth is I couldn’t agree more? Even though we sat there and recalled some of the year’s highlights and all that we did it did not change the reality even at his young age that time seems to fly by. If you are experiencing the same sense of speed in your life, are you able to recall your last twelve months with fond memories? If the words should have or could have are any part of your vocabulary be sure you do something about it during the last few days of this year. Set yourself up to make great memories either where you are or where you want to be in 2013. As I explained to my son we cannot slow down time we can only make the best of what we have so our lives are rich with memories.

All of us at Moving For Love are here to help enrich your life so if you should have…. let us help make it a reality next year.

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