What does the word, okay mean to you?  Can’t think of a use, “well okay,” here are a few… I ask my kids, “how was school today”, they answer “okay”.  You ask a friend about a movie they say it was “okay”.   A co-worker tries a new restaurant and reports it was “okay”.  Are you following the thread here?

Why am I focused on the word?  I think it has no meaning or at least no substantive meaning.  It is sort of like sitting on the fence of indecisiveness.  So if the truth be told, I drove my daughter six hours to camp last Saturday and then drove home on Sunday.  She was apprehensive about being unplugged and off the grid so to speak but beyond that I think she was secretly excited.  So like every parent with a child at camp I’ve scoured the website looking for photos and awaiting the first letter, which I just read.  Thankfully, a mother’s intuition (i.e. reading between the lines) kicked in and between the foods is okay the counselors are okay, camp overall is okay I actually read… I will never admit this but I am having fun, the people are nice and being unplugged isn’t so bad.  Phew!

Why is this relevant to any of you?  While the word okay may be quasi acceptable coming from my pre-teen daughter I am convinced that Mr. Webster himself has long list of descriptive words that would conjure up a much clearer image of what you are trying to describe or detail.  So if you are an adult feeling like your day, your life, your general attitude is okay, then I beg of you to reconsider what you can do to tip the scale and improve the quality of your life or experience so that can use words that are much for appealing to the senses both the speakers and the listeners.

Have a fabulous evening!

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