Online Dating: How to Know if He is the One

Relocation_GuideWhen you meet that perfect person, thoughts may start to veer towards relocating for love. Plenty of people are doing it – but only if you know he’s the one worth moving for.

Before you commit to anything, take a moment and consider a few things. Moving in with someone is a big step, made bigger if you haven’t spent much time with them in person. How do you know if the time is right?

Has Your Heart Found A New Path Worth Following?

Talk about your family plans.

This is one of the most important things to get out of the way before you think about moving in with someone – what sort of family do they see themselves raising, if any? In any long-term relationship, you’ll need at least some agreement in this area, or there’s going to friction later on.

Do you share the same values?

Have a serious discussion about your moral beliefs and upbringing. People of all different faiths and beliefs can still come together, but there still needs to be some common ground there. The whole idea of opposites attracting is fun at first, but if he’s a Republican and she’s a Democrat, it may not last.

What are your career goals?

This is the other major question: Where do you see your careers in ten years? Twenty? Are you both aiming for the same social classes? This is one of those things that’s often easy to tell when you know someone in person, but is harder to find out online sometimes. It’s worth discussion.

Meet before you move.

Before you start seriously thinking about relocating for love, you should meet at least once in person. You never get the full measure of someone over text or phone conversations, or even over video. That’s your chance to do a true “reality check” before committing to your new future together. A weekend spent together can often tell you a lot about your long-term chances.

Take this opportunity to talk seriously about the possibilities of moving in together. If it still seems right, it’s time to start planning!

Few things are more exciting than relocating for love, and we’d like to help. Follow your heart. We’ll pave the way!

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