Outta Here!


Baseball is a great metaphor to life.  While it is a team sport it relies heavily on individual performance.  You only get some many times “at bat” so you need to make them count.  Think of all the analogies you can make in your personal and professional life about striking out, home runs, out of the park or sometimes just a single or even a RBI.  This is a great time of year to reflect on how well positioned you are for your at bat opportunity.  Is the field wide open for you or are you aiming for that small window in the outfield?  Enough with the baseball you say…. let me rephrase then, are you satisfied with your recent successes or performances or are you laser focused on one goal?    If you are focused on one goal then what can the team do to help you achieve success on whatever “field” you are playing?    Our Personal Move Assistants are here to make any relocation whether for work or personal reasons as seamless and “error” free as possible.  Let us join your roster and help.



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