Decisions, Decisions……

New YorkEach day we are faced with a barrage of choices and they can be as simple as choosing chocolate or vanilla, or then again how about a scoop of each?  Other decisions, such as the kind of car to buy, or which company should be hired to replace your roof, involve additional research.  There are many resources and companies available that can help you make educated decisions.  

What happens if you’re thinking about making a move to a new city?   How can you easily compare your current location to a new place that you are thinking of  calling home? Just one of the many services that Moving For Love offers is to provide you with a detailed cost of living analysis prepared specifically for you.   Whether you are planning an upcoming move or just curious, we can get you the information you want.  

 Our Personal Move Assistant will prepare you a personalized Cost of Living Analysis for anywhere in the United States.  Just send your name, email address and phone number with your originating city and state along with the destination city and state to   Who knows, this could be the beginning step to a big move.


Crazy Little Thing Called Love


Sometimes songs just pop in my head, what about you?     Recently I  serenaded a co-worker for his birthday after which he offered to chip in for voice lessons!   So you can see why it is good that songs stay in my head and not out of my mouth.  I know that I have referenced song titles and jukeboxes in past posts but this morning the Queen song popped in my head.    Perhaps it was after asking someone about their weekend and hearing that they drove six hours on Saturday with their young kids to surprise his parents at dinner to celebrate their 40th anniversary and then drove back the next morning.  Usually we hear crazy stories about what parents will do for their children or what people will do in romantic relationships for love but it was touching to hear what a child (albeit grown) would do for their parents for love.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?  We are of the mindset that moving to be with the one you love or the place you love isn’t crazy at all so if you are considering for Moving For Love let us help.




Has happiness ever been out of style?  I don’t think so but certainly it is  hot right now.  If you type the word “Happy” into Google you get over 704 MILLION results!  Naturally, the highest one is Pharrell’s contagious song, Happy.   In our plugged-in society with smart phones in hand, head down hoping that someone texts, tweets, or calls us with some update have we lost sight of what it means to pursue happiness?  Being the eternal optimist I would say that is not the case we just have more distractions and commitments than ever before that can sometimes cause us to veer off the course to being happy.  I feel fortunate that most of the people I encounter at work, home, school, or even in the grocery appear to be happy.  Everyone experiences bumps in the road and sometimes even road blocks but how we accept and deal with them is a function of how happy we are as individuals.  What has me thinking about happiness is not the song, (which for the record I was not a fan of when it first came out but I must say the tune is catchy and I changed my mind fairly quickly) but a recent challenge I’ve seen posted on social media, Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

This got me scratching my head.  Since I blogged last about the rear view mirror I  tried to remember the past 100 days and whether I was happy each and every one of them.  I cannot say with 100% certainty that was the case.  I truly think happiness is contagious and I love the idea of now looking out the windshield and taking the challenge for the next 100 days.  Would anyone like to join me?

Rear View Mirror

Rear ViewEver feel like the best view is sometimes had in the rearview mirror?  I often feel in business this is the case.  If a company is making constant improvement and reinvesting in itself it is sometimes hard to see it head on but one look in the rearview mirror and it is abundantly clear.  I have always felt that way with work but this weekend had the chance to be personally affected by the “view”.

On Saturday I drove my daughter and two of her friends whom I have known since birth, 4 hours to see the band One Direction in Detroit.  The journey from Cincinnati to Detroit basically consists of a straight shoot up I-75.  I was the driver and they were clearly jazzed up for the night ahead and buzzing among themselves the entire way there.  I felt like 13 years flashed before my eyes but was so happy to see them all still friends and having innocent fun with each other.  Working full-time you don’t always get these moments and driving alone with them to such an exciting destination for them was worth every minute of it.  It was fun to listen, to learn, and to observe their interaction in the backseat.  I was a proud parent even if I felt like an aging one on the return trip with my ears still ringing!

Sometimes in life we are so focused on what is ahead that we don’t stop and look and learn from what we see in the rear view mirror.  Next time you are given the opportunity to do so take advantage of it and see what you think of the view.  You can always look ahead to make changes that will impact the view in the future.

Golden Girls

A few months ago I stopped by an open house and chatted with the Sibcy Cline Realtor who was hosting it.  It was a ranch home and I asked about the interest in the property.  She said  three women had come through all of whom were widowed and were seriously considering buying the property together.  I was very intrigued by the idea and naturally scenes from the sitcom, Golden Girls came rushing through my mind.  What a great idea!  Fast forward, the house sold and closed to other buyers but I kept thinking these women may have been on to something…

Playing catch up on my reading of The Week Magazine,  the July 25th issue published an article entitled, “Retirement: A roommate for your golden years”.   It was a great article outlining the benefits and risks associated with purchasing a property and co-cohabiting.   The housing industry is always tracking renters vs. homeowners, generational buying habits, and all sorts of other indicators that have an impact on buying behavior.  I think it will be very interesting to see how much traction there may be with the benefits of combined purchasing power and companionship as we age.

We always talk about moving for love of a person, place or lifestyle and this is a great example of people moving for an independent lifestyle with dependability of roommates.   Perhaps life is truly imitating art and the Golden Girls were ahead of their time.

City of Love




Having just returned from Paris I must agree that is aptly given the title the City of Love.   The rich history, the culture, the dramatic backgrounds, the 37 bridges, the language, the food, the views…. I could go on and on but needless to say I certainly fell in love with it.  Every street was a new avenue to explore and never was I disappointed.  What was beautiful by day was exquisite by night.  I also read Paris by Edward Rutherford while I was there and it made me all the more intrigued with the sites I saw.  I could imagine Ernest Hemingway sitting at Cafe Flore and Coco Chanel on the Vendome.

While sitting in a cafe one I day I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this quote by her which was appropriately propped up on the bar.   I am not sure if a sentiment could be more French than this and I thought it was great.

Whether you have been to Paris or just dream of it, whether you are in love or not, may your glass be filled with the bubbles of life and the richness each experience brings.




What’s Your Handicap?

I have decided that I better step up my golfing wardrobe and live by the motto if I cannot play the part at least I can dress it!  When someone asks me what my golfing handicap is I reply, “it’s my game”.   I cannot encourage our children to play enough.  Golf is a sport you can play for a lifetime.  You don’t hear of many concussions on the course or people retiring because of injuries or being too old to play.  The older you get, the shorter you hit the ball, the longer it takes to finish and guess what… the older you get the more time you have.  It is actually a sport that works timing wise with whatever age you are.

So how do you leverage your handicap?  If you are in a hurry and a lousy player like me…. you play with people that you want to spend time with who are happy to be outdoors and enjoy the social aspect of the game.  If you are an excellent player… you play with people who enjoy being outdoors and the sport and competition of the game… Golf offers something for every level of player including frustration because let’s face it even the best of players have off days, but that little white ball we chase usually calls us back to the course regardless of the score we post.

If you feel like you are chasing your dreams and never quite making it to the pin maybe you should consider where you are living.  Are you in a location that is allowing you to pursue your passions?  If you have to stop and think about it perhaps it is time to explore your options and see what lies ahead for you.

Why do we love summer camps more than ever?

“Hello mother…. hello father…greetings from camp fill in the blank… there is no greater anticipation than a letter from a child at camp.  In this world of over programmed, plug-in lives we Summer Camp all lead, summer camp is a throw back to digitless era that we all want our children to experience.  Many an article has been written on it including this one last year that I particularly enjoyed.  Our 13 year old daughter went to camp this summer for two weeks in June.  She absolutely loved it and I loved that she was unplugged from everything including us!  While the camp posted pictures online so you could at least see your children, the only method of communication was written and I became the child racing to the mailbox hoping to get a letter.

What made camp so great was that she got to experience and enjoy having fun outdoors, making new friends face to face, whispering past lights out in the cabin and trying new things.  Camp may be a great American past-time with a thriving future even for adults.    Not only does camp bring back memories of childhood it signifies a break from the pace and demands of our always connected lives.  I think it will be fun to watch how camps thrive in the future.  They epitomize the fact that the more things change and progress the greater sense of nostalgia we have for the way things were even though we race to keep up technologically and make sure we have the latest and greatest.  I guess it is the ying-yang of modern day living.

What are your thoughts?  Did you go to camp as a child?  Would you like to go to camp as an adult if given the opportunity?

Maybe you want to unplug for longer than summer camp.  Perhaps it is a lifestyle you’d like to live permanently.  If so, let us help you move for love and pursue your dreams.


Summer Speedometer


Are you sipping lemonade sitting on the front porch while time slowly passes by during the dog days of summer?!  I am going to guess that is the not the case… if it is I am jealous.  More often than not, most of us are going 100 MPH at work or at home in the hopes of getting one week of vacation this summer when we can go 20 MPH.  If this were our diet strategy we would never loose weight.  As a matter of fact, we would call this yo-yo dieting but somehow it seems to be the trend in our work-life-fit equation.  I also think it is funny that we can enjoy both speeds equally.  I mean, I thrive on Monday morning focus and mapping out what all I need to accomplish yet I think there is nothing more decadent than traveling and waking up with nothing planned for the entire day.  What about you?  Are you headed to the beach, the mountains, the lake or your backyard for a summer vacation?  How do you pass the time?  Are you a puzzle doer, a sun worshiper, a hiker, swimmer, biker, reader… the list could go on and on couldn’t it?  I hope that whatever you choose as your form of relaxation you enjoy it.  For most of us, summer is short if you live anywhere that experiences all four seasons so make the most of it at any speed.

Are you a candidate for unretirement? …

PhotographerI read a great article in the June 20th edition of The Week magazine entitled, “Retirement: Redefining your golden years”.  With so many people living longer and remaining healthy it is no wonder that they are not looking to slow down or entirely check out so soon.  Not everyone wants to go from the hustle and bustle of family and career to a standstill.  If retirement is about lifestyle, then it is arguably about your pace of life as well.  Just because you are ready to hang up the stress and pace of  the career you’ve worked so hard to build doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love to have job that acts more as a hobby.

When we started building Moving For Love our initial thought was to help people who met online where distance is nothing but as their relationships developed they realized the challenges associated with their distance.  There is clearly and demand and market for that audience.  There is also an audience of those seeking “unretirment”.  Perhaps the part-time job teaching yoga, painting, acting as starter at a golf course, or working as a guide on the mountain slope… you fill in the bank.  If stereotypes hold true, it is has been a long time since these people have moved let alone ever considered a relocation.  The fun part about starting a company is when your idea appeals to more audiences than you ever intended.  If you are dating online, nearing retirement age or seeking a slower paced next career, or just ready for a change of scenery then let our personal move coordinator help you.