Peace of Mind

When my wife and I got married we planned out our whole wedding without the benefit of a wedding coordinator. Up until that point I had always believed wedding coordinators were a waste of money. Why pay someone to plan a wedding when we were perfectly capable of doing it ourselves? I believed that right up until the time I realized just how much work planning a wedding is! Looking back it’s probably the one thing I wish we could have done differently. Don’t get me wrong. We had an awesome wedding. (And we planned it well!) But I would love to have that time spent ordering flowers, vases, and choosing menus back so that I could have spent it with my (then) fiancee. I would love to have that time back to spend building into our relationship, instead of choosing appetizers that no one remembers. To think of the hours I spent planning, when I should have spent them preparing for my marriage, makes me shudder. I feel the same way about moving. Moving is hard. And the more stuff you have the harder it seems to be. While it’s hard to move across town, it’s even harder to move to another city. With a move come a lot of questions. Who do I hire? Will they take care of my stuff? What happens if there’s a problem? Will they show up on time? Are they trustworthy? So many things can happen, so many decisions need to be made. That’s where Moving For Love comes in. Let us help coordinate your move. For a small fee we’ll give you peace of mind. And while peace of mind isn’t everything, it can be nice. Especially when you have other, more exciting things to think about! No one has ever died wishing they spent more time planning the steps of moving from town to town. But we do regret not sharing a final moment with friends, or visiting our favorite restaurant one last time.
Instead of that regret, enjoy the peace of mind that Moving for Love offers.

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