Plan B

compassThis morning the Wall Street Journal featured a story, “When Your Dream Job Disappoints, How to Find Plan B“.  I highly encourage you to read it.   While it tackles major job and financial decisions, I think it also reminds us that Plan B may be more common than we think.  I am the worst at getting an image in my head of how the meeting will go, what the dinner will be like,  how the project will be completed, you can fill in one hundred scenario’s and I can paint the fabled outcome in my mind.  What happens when the finished product or the rear view mirror reflect something different?  In my case sometimes disappointment and sometimes the finished product goes from being a conjured plan A to a very picturesque plan B.  We (me) often underestimate the positive outcomes from Plan B when we get stuck on the original image.   At Moving For Love, our goal is help you paint that picture by providing the “numbers” as you go along.  Your journey may begin by meeting someone special or finding a dream job and immediately you set your sights on their location but what if during a discovery process you find out that your dream partner has always wanted to move West for example or what if your dream job wants you to interview in a big city but is more than happy for you to work remotely?  These what if’s could have major implications that may take you down a path that leads to more of an ideal situation than you ever imagined.  It all starts by verbalizing those thoughts and dreams to yourself and to those like us who can help you.  The more you talk about your situation often times the more clear and focused your direction can become.  As my fourth grader recently explained magnetism and the calibration of a compass I urge you to validate and reaffirm the direction of your life compass.



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