Play Ball

This week I am in Boston for Real Estate meetings. It has been great to connect with brokers around the country and hear about their markets. Last night we had the opportunity to take a tour of Fenway Park and hear more about its history. Fenway

Wow! What an experience. It was so neat to hear about the 1912 stadium.  Did you know that Fenway “green” is a patented color, some of their seating dates back to the 30’s, and they still have a manually operated score board?  Their fan base stuck with them during an 86 year slump. If that isn’t loyalty I don’t know what is. Standing there in the empty stadium you could close your eyes and visualize any of past 101 years. If you read my Fourth of July blog you know I love that timeless feeling.

What experiences have you had in the past six months that made you feel like time stands still?

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