Pros and Cons of Surprising Your LDR

RelocationAnyone who has done his or her share of long distance dating can tell you that getting time together is sometimes really challenging. Different work schedules, lifestyles, and maybe even time zones all have a way of interfering in your love life. Planning to surprise your sweetie has its good and bad points, both of which you should consider before making the trip.


Nothing says, “I couldn’t wait another minute to see you” than a surprise visit. Bring a little romance to your LDR by showing up unannounced and let them know how much you’ve missed them, and how glad you are to be with them.

Quality Time
A surprise visit is a great way to spend any time with your significant other. Long distance dating makes it a challenge to spend one on one time with your darling.

Surprising your long distance love can be the start of a great series of adventures. Make it a time of all new experiences, go to see new places and take in some of the local offerings.


Bad Timing
If you don’t arrange the visit in advance, there is a chance that your LDR already has plans for the time period you’re planning to stay. This can be awkward and disappointing.

Bad Surprises
Long distance dating can be very challenging. Sneaking up on your LDR can lead you to a discovery you’re not expecting. While obviously it is good to know the truth about any relationship, it warrants mentioning that these types of situations are more common than you’d hope.

You’ve decided to make the trip to see your LDR unannounced. If he or she is between paychecks or living on a strict budget, your presence may put undue financial pressure on them, or they may not be able to participate in any activities while you are there.

Long distance dating can be fun and romantic, but think carefully before making an unannounced trip to see your love. When you’re ready to make that distance shorter, follow your heart — we’ll pave the way!

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