Proud to be an American



This morning I was watching a few minutes of the news before taking our kids to school.  My 8th grade daughter commented on the Speeedway commercial that shows a military father reuniting with his wife and daughter by saying “he seems so young”.   I know it is a commercial but how true a statement coming from someone younger than he.   As we pay tribute to all the men and women who have served our country and defended our freedom it is important to remember just how young many of them are as they enter the service and then the years of dedication and service many of them give to our country.  What an incredible example they provide to their children on some the founding principle’s of our great country.  We cannot underestimate the importance of recognizing what each veteran has provided for us.  Last Sunday before Mass started the priest asked all veterans in the congregation to stand and be recognized for their service.  To watch these men and women of all ages stand to applause from all around them was something special and well deserved.

So whether you are tearing up  at a commercial, humming “Proud to be American”, or attending a service to honor those who have served our country… remember we are able to freely express ourselves because of those who came before us, sit beside us and have yet to be born who have the passion and desire to protect others.

God bless them!

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