puzzlePuzzles, you either love or hate them.  I love them!  As you have read many times throughout my blog posts I am a tradition junkie so of course I have a tradition of doing one puzzle every year that I then frame and put in my basement.  A few years ago my son even joined in the tradition by giving me a puzzle for Christmas the past three years.  I usually try and start them in late September and then finish and frame it in time for Christmas as a gift to myself.  I know it sounds weird but it is what I do.  I think puzzles like many hobbies are a good outlet for my fast paced, hectic, type A life.  When I sit down and take over the dining room table I am somehow leaving everything behind and finding joy in possibly fitting a mere handful of pieces in at each stolen opportunity.

Is there an analogy to be made here?  So often we run, run, run or have grand visions of what we want or want to accomplish that we need the reminder that fitting just one more piece before racing to work can give us the satisfaction to start our day on a great note.  I also think there are times when our lives may feel like they are in 2000 (oh yes that’s how many pieces I’m tackling this year) pieces but yet given time and believe me it can take a lot of time, we somehow find the right fit and are left with a complete image.  It may be a moment in time that everything is where it should be but just acknowledging that things sometimes come apart but realizing they can be whole again even if the cracks are showing is so important.

If there is a piece missing in your life or maybe just out of place why not explore the options to making it whole again or just making it all fit?


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