Quality or Quantity?

ScaleIsn’t that the age old question?  You can fill in the blanks on the subject but the question always remains.  We are in the housing business so I ask is a bigger house better than a smaller house or is granite countertop better than a laminate or is a ½ acre better than 10 acres?  Clearly the correct answer depends on the person to whom the questions are being asked.  I suspect the family with six kids is much more interested in quantity when it comes to their housing.

What about food?  Would you rather have one bite of a decedent dessert or a box of fat free cookies or maybe you would rather have ½ a burger than a trough of salad.  What about clothing?  Do you prefer a shopping cart full at a discount store or would you rather splurge on one nice item?  You can keep this going on countless subjects.

I’ve thought about this a lot recently as I try and buy Christmas gifts for our kids.  Is it better to have them wake up to a tree loaded with presents or just a few meaningful ones?  As they get older, I think the best thing to do is to teach them the difference between quality and quantity and how to receive both by getting and also giving.  Time seems to be our most precious commodity but it is a universally received gift.  Whether it is me taking a day off to play in the snow with the kids or a week off to go on vacation, time together creates way more memories than the latest gadget.  As the holidays approach and we think about what is really important to us, our family, friends, health and faith how do you plan on focusing on quality?  Does it open a bigger gate when you think about a New Year?  If you are realizing your quality of life or your allocation of time aren’t being spent how or where you’d like for them to be then call us and let’s discuss how to make that happen.


  1. Excellent post…Now day Quality and Quantity both are matter in every situation. And everybody needed Quality and Quantity in there day to day activities.

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