Raising the Bar



Do any of you ski? I just returned from four days of skiing in Utah with our 10 year old son. It was our second year doing this trip and it was fabulous.

For those of you who ski I am sure you will agree that the chair lift can be an interesting ride depending on who you meet.  For starters, you all have to decide if and when to put down the safety bar and later when to raise it. Once the conversation is started I like to survey where they are from and a little bit about their trip or day. I thought my story was, cool mom bringing her son on an adventurous trip until Sunday. As Peter and I loaded on the Quincy Express we met a man who was there on his annual family trip with his 82 year old father-in-law who still skis and loves it. His goal 20 years ago was to keep skiing until he was old enough to get a lift ticket for free which back then was 70 years old. The problem is they keep raising the age and he keeps skiing. (For the record…. According to the Salt Lake Tribune the average age of a Utah skier is, 44.1)

Anyone who has skied realizes that getting a free lift ticket in this case has been an expensive pursuit!  I loved his story nonetheless. We all need a carrot in our life and certainly when it moves during our pursuit that can intensify our chase. Is he crazy to keep skiing at his age?  Clearly, he doesn’t think so.

Think you are too old to pursue a dream or fulfill a desire? I say raise your own bar and go for it.

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