Rear View Mirror

Rear ViewEver feel like the best view is sometimes had in the rearview mirror?  I often feel in business this is the case.  If a company is making constant improvement and reinvesting in itself it is sometimes hard to see it head on but one look in the rearview mirror and it is abundantly clear.  I have always felt that way with work but this weekend had the chance to be personally affected by the “view”.

On Saturday I drove my daughter and two of her friends whom I have known since birth, 4 hours to see the band One Direction in Detroit.  The journey from Cincinnati to Detroit basically consists of a straight shoot up I-75.  I was the driver and they were clearly jazzed up for the night ahead and buzzing among themselves the entire way there.  I felt like 13 years flashed before my eyes but was so happy to see them all still friends and having innocent fun with each other.  Working full-time you don’t always get these moments and driving alone with them to such an exciting destination for them was worth every minute of it.  It was fun to listen, to learn, and to observe their interaction in the backseat.  I was a proud parent even if I felt like an aging one on the return trip with my ears still ringing!

Sometimes in life we are so focused on what is ahead that we don’t stop and look and learn from what we see in the rear view mirror.  Next time you are given the opportunity to do so take advantage of it and see what you think of the view.  You can always look ahead to make changes that will impact the view in the future.


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