Relocation Guide: Success in the Suburbs

Relocation_TipsAh, the suburbs. They’re still thriving hubs of American growth and commerce. If you’ve gotten a new job and are relocating, chances are you’re going to end up in the suburbs. After all, downtown pads are just so expensive these days!

So, if you find yourself heading for suburbia, we’ve put together a quick relocating guide to help you make the most of it!

Relocating Guide: Making The Best Of The Burbs

  • Consider your commute time and distance: If you’re moving to the suburbs for a job, this should be one of your top considerations. You want a location that’s hopefully near a major highway or other direct route towards your job. The last thing you want is to be stuck with is a long drive through 30 MPH residential streets – it burns gas like crazy and wastes your time.
  • Research the local homeowner’s association: In most, but not all, communities there is likely to be a homeowner’s association that maintains standards for maintenance and care of your property. Be careful not to get in over your head if the local association has standards you can’t afford to meet. This can be an expensive surprise if you haven’t done your homework.
  • Look for public transit options: In many metro areas, there are bus and rail lines that go far out into the suburbs and beyond. The Chicagoland area rail, for example, extends for two hours outside the city, nearly to Rockford! Relocating yourself near a public transit station can save you a lot of money on gas, as well as making your morning commute far less stressful.
  • Meet the neighbors: It’s unfortunate that people don’t get out to meet their neighbors, but don’t let that stop you! Throw a barbecue, or at least try to meet and greet people on the streets as you’re walking around. You’ll make friends and learn a lot about the area that way!

No matter where your path in life takes you, follow your heart! Relocation is fun and exciting, and we’re here to help pave the way to your future happiness!

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