Retirement: Relocating Near your Children and Grandchildren

Relocation_ideasAs you move towards your retirement years, you might start looking around for relocation ideas. Nothing says you have to retire in the same city you’ve been working in and, in fact, many seniors are discovering just how many options they have for living out their retirement.

Of course, one of our favorite relocation ideas is simply to move closer to your family! In questionable economic times, closer family ties can benefit everyone – yourself, your children, and even your grandchildren.

We’ve got four great reasons you should consider relocating to be closer to your family!

Relocation Ideas: Moving Closer To Your Family

Rebuild those family ties.

In this world of Facebook and email, when’s the last time you actually saw your family in person? Sure, you get photographs delivered to your inbox all the time, but that’s not really the same. And chances are, they never call, especially the kids. Kids these days are all about text, or face-to-face conversations. If you want some time with the grandchildren, you practically have to go to them.

Move into a smaller space.

If you’re still in the home you raised your children in, chances are, you don’t need that much space any more. A smaller home, nearer to the family, is also going to be much more affordable to keep running, with lower property taxes, and that’s not to mention requiring less maintenance. That makes your remaining years easier, and besides… with the grandkids nearby, you’ve always got someone to mow your lawn!

Have family holidays again

Have there even been many holiday get-togethers lately? Those used to be some of the best reasons to stay near the family – no matter which days you celebrate, these are days for family and feasting! If you moved closer to your family, you’d be seeing a full house on every holiday, and get to see those grandchildren a whole lot more.

Be there when you’re needed

Families need to come together in troubled times, and even adult children still need your guidance. (They probably need it more than ever!) When I lived away from my mother, it pained me whenever she needed something I could have helped with. Living near your family takes away that unease, and ensures that in times of trouble, the entire family will be there to make it right.

Where ever you go, follow your heart!  We’ll pave the way.

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