“Seasoning”… not Spices

Having lived in Cincinnati my whole life, I have become accustomed to the changes of season.  Some years we have experienced them out of order but overall we fairly   rhythmically move from one to Seasonsthe other.  I appreciate each season for what they bring but I know for certain Fall and Summer are my favorite.  I think I love Fall for the food, the cooling but not cold temperatures, the football season, and general coziness of it.  Summer, do I really need to explain?!  Who doesn’t love summer?  Even with a full-time job I feel like it is a break, everyone is more laid back, it stays light longer and we generally do so much more outdoors not to mention no school for kids which means no nagging about homework or bedtime.

Having change in our lives is good for us.  I know the next six weeks will be a blur of activity at work, at home, and socially.   The race to the end of the year, the holidays, and everything else we attempt to cram into a very short amount of time.  Truth be told, I actually do love it.  I have a ton of traditions all around Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is a whirlwind but one that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I also must tell you that I welcome the first of the year.  While January and February may be the worst weather months here they also give us an open invitation to nest or hibernate.  Having your pajamas on at 8:00 January 15th is completely acceptable whereas on July 15th the sun wouldn’t have even set yet, PJ’s?!  I think our bodies adjust to the rhythm of the seasons.   I often wonder what it would be like to live somewhere that didn’t experience any drastic climate change.  Does your body intuitively pace itself throughout the year?  I would love to hear your thoughts whether you live with season change or not let me know how you think it affects you.  Would you entertain moving for weather alone?  Hmm, something to ponder….

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