Shadow Inventory

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn real estate, you often hear about shadow inventory. This refers to bank owned properties that have not been put on the market but are intending to be sold. The visual would be houses looming in the shadows before a For Sale sign goes in front of them. The question is always how many of them are there and how will they affect the current supply and demand. Now that you understand what that term means I would propose the question, “How many shadow movers exist in today’s market?”

If you’ve ever said or thought to yourself, “I’d love to move if___________” then you yourself may very well be a shadow buyer. That then begs the next question…. why are you hiding? There is no better time metaphorically than Spring to awaken and come out of the shadow. Let yourself pursue that move, that dream, and let others know you are doing it. There is something about sharing our hopes and dreams that make them all the more real. If you want to share them with us we would love to put you in our spotlight and make it happen.

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