So Crazy it Just Might Work

Have you ever had a dream? Not just to eat more chocolate ice cream today than yesterday. But a real dream. A big dream. Maybe even a dream so big it would change the world? And when you had the dream, did you listen to the experts? The people who all seemed to say the same thing? That it was too risky, too dangerous, too crazy to work? There are moments in our lives when we have a dream. We’re inspired to make a difference and the people who should be encouraging us tell us we’re crazy. It’s in those moments we need to make a choice. Do we pursue our dreams, even if they seem a bit crazy? Or do we go with what’s “normal?” For one little girl, she went with her dreams. She believed that by opening up a corner lemonade stand, she could make a difference. She believed that opening up a lemonade stand would let her fight against slavery. Most people laughed or thought it was cute. Now, $30,000 later, she’s made a difference. Or take Toms Shoes. They give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes you buy. A bold idea that people thought was ridiculous at first. Of course you don’t need to free slaves or give shoes to children to make a difference. Sometimes making a difference just means moving your family to another part of the country so they can train for the Olympics. Or maybe it means finding the person you love, and moving to pursue a life with them. The thing is – all of those things are crazy. Yet they all worked. And they all made a difference in someone’s life.

So what crazy dream are you going to follow today?

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