Spontaneity can Help you Follow Your Passion!

Relocation_TipsI think all of us dream of being swept off our feet.

Maybe it’s that torrid European affair. Or that sudden surprise proposal. Deciding to relocate back to your hometown. The out-of-nowhere dream job offer. The chance meeting that changes your life.

Perhaps, it’s the adventure that comes crashing down around you. The emergency where you know you’re the one who can get it done. The partnership proposal.

Whatever it is, it’s something we all wish for – that moment where the spheres align and suddenly new possibilities open up. The moments where, if you’re looking with just the right eyes, you can seize and opportunity and follow your heart…

But only if you act fast!

If only…

Unfortunately, of course, it always works out a little better in our heads than in reality. There are always complications. You need that burst of spontaneity to seize that moment when it comes, but after that, it’s never quite as easy as the movies claim.

Here’s a few tips to keep following the path that passion has led you down!

Keep Following Your Passions…

1. Don’t Over-Commit

It’s so easy to get swept up in a moment and say yes, yes, yes to whatever is asked of you. The problem is, those yeses will eventually have to be fulfilled. Change, even change that’s rushing at you, still takes time to happen.

Take it from life experience: Generally, at the point the little voice starts asking, “Am I getting in over my head?” you likely already are. When you know you can do something, you know it. Heed that little worry and just stop to think for a moment about where you’re at.

But if you’re still good, then keep on going!

2. Glance In The Rearview

If the future is rushing headlong at you, it’s all your can do is hold on and try to watch out for obstacles as they come. When they do, you’re busy dealing with them.

But, it’s like driving a car. Every now and then, you gotta look in the rearview and make sure nothing’s coming up from behind.

It helps give you a bit of perspective on your situation, to look back and see how far you’ve come. Are you still happy with how everything’s going? Nothing that’s happened recently will start causing problems?

Well, then you’re good to keep driving on!

3. Get Help When You Need It!

Today, we have access to an amazing amount of the entire world’s knowledge online. Look for someone who can help pave the way. Whatever it is that’s happening to you, it’s happened to someone else.

They’ll have advice. You can learn a lot from others’ shared experiences online. Or, a lot of the time, services exist that help you make your dream a reality. Relocation services can take the hassles out of moving. Travel agents can sort out the details of your Euro-fling.

If you think you’ve been swept up by aliens, there’s even advice for that.

Chase Your Dreams

Far too many of us are stuck in ruts. When that opportunity comes, you’ve gotta grab it. Just remember: Spontaneity makes the moment solidify, but you still need to keep your feet on the ground to make it work out.

Well… at least one foot.

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