Spring Ahead


This weekend we will prepare for Daylight Savings time by “Springing Ahead” one hour on our clocks.  Some people begrudge losing an hour of sleep or sinking back into darkness in the early morning and evening for a few more weeks.  I however fall into the camp that is relishing if nothing else… the mere idea of Spring.  Most winters I embrace the cold and the snow and the change of season.  It means fires, cozy nights in, pretty visions of white fields.  This winter seems to have lasted an eternity and the change of season will most certainly be welcome.  The simple effort of jumping ahead one hour symbolizes the waking up of our senses, getting up… no jumping… no springing up and that awakens our senses and warms us up for what is coming next.  While the seasons are changing do they awaken any of our senses for a change?  Nature can have a funny way of doing that.  If you realize that you are about to lose an hour this weekend is there anything else you are losing out on right now?  If you are getting ready to spring ahead where do you want to land?  If it is right where you left off then good for you.  If it is perhaps miles or even oceans away then let us join you and help make that landing a soft one.  Our senses awaken with each new clients story and fulfilled wish.

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