Spring Fever

carnationsFor most of the US, we have experienced a brutally cold and miserable winter.  Just knowing that Spring has officially begun on the calendar is enough for us to endure the actual temperatures for a few more weeks.  I have always felt that living in the Midwest one of the greatest joys was the change of seasons.  Just as you tire of one there is another right behind it.  Each have their qualities and bring pleasure in different ways.   I wonder if people who live in warmer climates year round ever miss a change of season or recognize the change in other ways.  March 20th was the official first day of Spring and in Santa Monica where the weather is pretty (literally) consistent there was one woman who stood by the pier and passed out flowers to mark the first day of Spring.  This was the third year in a row she has passed out carnations to recognize the One Million Acts of Kindness campaign.  In a part of the country where the weather doesn’t give away the time of year the date does, she made a very visual impression on 300 people by demonstrating the act of kindness herself distributing flowers.  What a symbolic way to acknowledge the season and motivate us all.  How can you recognize the change of seasons in your life?

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