Summer Speedometer


Are you sipping lemonade sitting on the front porch while time slowly passes by during the dog days of summer?!  I am going to guess that is the not the case… if it is I am jealous.  More often than not, most of us are going 100 MPH at work or at home in the hopes of getting one week of vacation this summer when we can go 20 MPH.  If this were our diet strategy we would never loose weight.  As a matter of fact, we would call this yo-yo dieting but somehow it seems to be the trend in our work-life-fit equation.  I also think it is funny that we can enjoy both speeds equally.  I mean, I thrive on Monday morning focus and mapping out what all I need to accomplish yet I think there is nothing more decadent than traveling and waking up with nothing planned for the entire day.  What about you?  Are you headed to the beach, the mountains, the lake or your backyard for a summer vacation?  How do you pass the time?  Are you a puzzle doer, a sun worshiper, a hiker, swimmer, biker, reader… the list could go on and on couldn’t it?  I hope that whatever you choose as your form of relaxation you enjoy it.  For most of us, summer is short if you live anywhere that experiences all four seasons so make the most of it at any speed.


  1. Its sooo hot here it makes it hard for me to do anything outside. When I work outside in the the garden I have to do it in the early morning hours. I always find ways to make happy memories though. Hugs

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