To feel this way!


In our house there are debates regarding the staying power or popularity of the Beatles versus One Direction between my mother and daughter.  You can guess who takes which position.  This week the young boy band announced they would take a hiatus after their tour to pursue solo careers for at least a year.  I must say that when I was a teenager there was no boy band that I followed but I have now attended three One Direction concerts three summers in a row.  I am there more to watch my daughter and her friends watch the band than to follow them myself.  I am not even sure after all of this time that I could name more than a few songs they sing.

Having said all of this, I think this picture captures a feeling that we all wish we could bottle.   Enamored and mesmerized are what comes to my mind.  What comes to yours?

Who could be on the stage that would make you feel or react the same way my daughter and her friend did?  This reaction makes the drive to and the cost of the concert all worth it for me.  What or who are you willing to drive or spend money to be closer to?