A Song that Says it All


Last week I traveled to Florida with my family for Spring Break.  We began our trip on the west coast and then drove across Alligator Alley to the east coast to visit family.  As we drove through the everglades my kids would tell you that we tortured them listening to XM radio, 60’s on 6.  In full disclosure, that even predates my husband and me.  Regardless,  we knew all of the songs and sang along commenting on the simplicity of the lyrics.   You could imagine yourself on the same drive 50 years ago listening the same songs on the radio.

This morning I think I found the modern version of 60’s on 6.  I sometimes listen to Pandora radio when I run just for the fun and anticipation of what song might be next, call it my jukebox, to keep me going.  In an effort to get jump started I tuned in to Olly Murs radio.  I felt like a teenager as I experienced love, breakup, infatuation, and every other emotion associated with romance.  The lyrics were simple, the beat had a quick tempo and as the sun was shining I could just sense love in the Spring air.

If you are looking for that tune that makes you smile, turn up the dial, or reach for your loved one and are struggling to find it let Moving For Love  help you adjust your station or location.