When TBT starts a new err… old relationship

Some of you may recall an article I wrote a few years ago, How far would you go to find a past love?  In the 80’s I loved watching the show Finders of Lost Loves.  Clearly this show predated Facebook.  Recently, I heard a story that I want to share because I loved it so much!

We’ve all seen and perhaps posted “Throw Back Thursday” pictures on Facebook.  It is always fun and funny to see what memories are stirred by a simple photo.  This happened to a friend of mine.  I should also build up with a little more of the story…. she is a divorced, empty nester friend… now that the stage is set…

A male friend of hers posted a grade school photo that included a big group of kids.  She comments, “what ever happened to (let’s just call him) Johnny”?  Before her friend could respond “Johnny” who must have been tagged in the picture jumps in and gives his own update.  Voila, 30+ years disappear and months later they are acting like grade school sweethearts.  If only the television show still existed.  This would truly be a great episode of a TBT photo reuniting two people who’s lives went different directions and the experiences they had while not together have enriched the love story they are living today.

If you’ve posted a TBT picture and it opened up or renewed a relationship from your past please share it with me.  If you’ve considered posted one or wondered how to inconspicuously reconnect with someone try posted an old group photo and see what happens.  You never know, you may be Moving For Love before you know it!