What I know for Sure


How many of you read Oprah Magazine?  Each month she entitles an article “What I know for sure”.  I always enjoy reading it and knowing that she is sitting somewhere peaceful as she reflects.  In the June issue  she was on her front porch in Maui.  How great does that sound?

While some of us may only dream about a house in Maui everyone of us has lounged in the great outdoors and reflected on what it is we know or wish we knew.  Summertime is the best time for this.  Between kids swim meets, golf matches, baseball and lacrosse I try and find time to enjoy the fresh air by lounging on the porch and just soaking up the warmth and sounds of summer.  I often reflect on why I love where I live.  Our house has great outdoor space so this is the time of year that I love my house the most.  Do you have a season that you love your house the best?  If you can’t answer that with certainty then maybe this is the best time for you to think about moving.  Whether it is within your neighborhood or across the country let our personal move assistants help you.