Tips for Relocating after Divorce

Relocation_AssistantDivorce is certainly a difficult situation no matter how amicable things are between the parties involved. Sometimes the best tactic is to get a fresh start, and relocation is a great way to achieve that. Your professional relocation assistant offers these tips for a successful post-divorce move.

Soul SearchingĀ 

After a divorce, spend some time with yourself and discover who YOU really are. What do you want out of life? Where do you see yourself being down the road? Does a career change also fit into your plans? When you can answer these questions, it will be much easier to outline what to do next.

Picking The Perfect Place

Your list of potential cities might be lengthy. What about each city intrigues you? What does each have to offer for your long-term dreams and career goals? Don’t pigeonhole yourself into living in a place that has inadequate career support or lifestyles that won’t fit you for a long amount of time. Your relocation assistant can help you analyze and compare all of your potential choices.


When you’ve picked your destination city, start networking right away. Join meetup groups, check out LinkedIn for college alumni and interest organizations in your intended city, try connecting with friends on Facebook who might live in that city, and reach out to ask friends and colleagues for recommendations on jobs, housing, meeting people, and starting your new life. Building a support network in your new city is a great strategy for success.

Organizing the Move

Whether you have to move a one-bedroom studio or a four-bedroom multi-story home, your relocation assistant will make the process easy and painless. We’ll take the effort out of the process so you can focus on assimilating into your new city.

Living the Dream

When you get where you’re going, stop to smell the roses! Enjoy your new friends, try new experiences, and do everything you’ve dreamed of doing.

Divorce, like many other life changes, can give you an opportunity for a new start and let you try all the things you wanted to do that you couldn’t during marriage. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!

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