Tips for Relocating without a Job

Moving is a big deal itself, let alone when it is a considerable distance and there are job worries to think about. Sometimes the urge to escape is so strong that you simply cannot wait until all the stars have aligned and the situation is perfect. Here are some ways to manage your relocation costs and get established when you don’t have a job waiting for you.


Without job arrangements, moving can be terrifying. Build up your savings as much as you can, which you might need to be creative on if you don’t have much wiggle in your budget. Look around at the items you own and decide what can be sold. Extra clothes can be sold or consigned (especially if you are moving to a different climate), as well as electronics and furniture. Selling extra furniture also keeps your relocation costs down since you can get away with smaller trucks and less help.

Move Efficiently

Moving is a huge challenge, especially when you aren’t set up at your new destination. This is where a personal move assistant can be priceless. Save time and frustration by getting professional help to organize all of the various pieces of relocation. Your move assistant can help you find a new place to live, ship all of your worldly belongings, sell your home if needed, provide you with cost of living comparisons, and generally save you a ton of hassle and aggravation.


At your destination, get a head start on making friends by joining virtual groups with common interests. A young professional’s group could be just the key to finding social events or even jobs. Starting to network before you move means less time playing catch-up later, and a good running start at a support system where you’re heading. You may even find yourself a roommate through this avenue.

Moving without a job offer can be a little terrifying, but being prepared and efficient will help you manage your relocation costs and survive while you find your perfect job. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!


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