Top 3 Cities in Florida for Relocating Retirees

When you think of Florida, some common themes probably come to mind — sun, sand, beaches, and warm ocean air. These reasons are just a few that cause retirees to flock to the Sunshine State to live out their golden years quite happily. Following are the top three Florida cities to which relocation assistance professionals help retirees move.



Located in southwest Florida, Naples is a very special place for those who really want to relax during their retirement. With golf courses as far as the eye can see and some of the most amazing beaches you’ll ever hope to find, Naples is a haven for those who love life. The crime rate in this area is very low, and people often describe it as feeling safe, happy, and clean. The excellent restaurants and top caliber people make Naples a very popular place among retirees.


With a population of only around 21,000 people, this gulf coast location has very much a small-town atmosphere. The downtown area is full of unique stores that you won’t find at those cookie cutter malls. Traffic is lighter in Venice than in most of the state, and the beach is very easy to access. Relocation assistance professionals report lower prices and cost of living in this town, making Venice an economical place to live when you leave the workforce.


Sarasota may only have 52,000 inhabitants, but it is renowned as one of the most amazing cultural places in America. The myriad of cultural and historical facilities would amaze you, and the story of the past is told in wonderful ways here. The wintertime headquarters of Ringling Brothers, Sarasota boasts a fantastic museum of art sponsored by the Ringling family. This city is considered to have one of Florida’s best downtown areas and is known for its beautiful luxury homes and fine dining.

Whether your ideal life of retirement is relaxing on the beach, playing golf, socializing, shopping, or keeping busy, Florida has a lot to offer. Ask your relocation assistance professional about migrating to Florida effortlessly. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!


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